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khoudir Oud

Saiten Standard Oud4/4 11-Strings Set

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Our Super-Aoud 11-Strings Set sounds clear and brilliant thanks to a very high-quality core material, which consists of high-strength nylon silk. A long-lasting string! Each choir (double string) is in a string bag. Saiten Standard 11-Strings Set available in different moods.

High f´f´ Strings made of nylon with a diameter of 0.55 mm or 0.60 mm are also available for all sets of strings. Each string was tested for high tone quality, maximum durability, and the fastest possible tone stability, as well as being measured for correct and even strength.


  • Long-lasting string.
  • A complete string set for Oud.
  • Diameter of 0.55 mm or 0.60 mm.
  • Available for all sets of strings.