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Oud 1/2 Spruce (Children)

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To help children start their musical journeys, we craft a 1/2 Oud using the same techniques and attention to detail that distinguishes our full-size models. It features a shell of mahogany and mulberry, along with maple pegs and a bright, warm spruce soundboard.

Ouds are typically strung in the Middle Eastern style ´(cc´-C / do-Do) or the Turkish style (´d -D / re-Re). Please indicate your preference when ordering.


  • 11x ebony pegs

  • Beech Black fingerboard 

  • Spruce soundboard

  • Thin, high-gloss lacquer finish


  • Total size: 70cm (+ -3cm)

  • Body height: 1.3m (+- 5cm)

  • String length: 480mm

  • Recommended player height: up to 1.3m (+ -5cm)

  • Includes carrying bag and premiums strings


Serial Number: Gl02211053