Oud 10mm Student Soft-Bag

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Our Oud 10mm Bag is made of high-quality materials. The sleek appearance and solid construction will keep the Oud from scratches and dirt, also the sturdy zipper and rubber shockproof base protect the Oud well. Oud Soft-Bag Deluxe 10mm lightweight construction for easy travel. Oud Soft-Bag is perfect in workmanship. 

Suspension cushions keep the Oud centered and suspended, prevent damage to the Oud. The thick sponge can prevent Oud 10mm Soft-Bag from damage and thick adjustable straps make it more comfortable to carry. This case is suitable for all kinds of Oud (Arabic, Turkish, Syrian, Iraq).


  • 10mm padding
  • High-quality zippers
  • Water repellent textile
  • Padded shoulder straps
  • High-quality materials
  • Lightweight construction for easy travel


  • Size: 10mm
  • Instrument: Oud
  • Experience Level: Advanced