How should I choose my Oud?

The demands placed on beginners and students as well as professional musical instruments have increased significantly in recent years. In addition to a robust exterior, easy playability and of course a balanced sound are particularly important. With our production, we have developed a portfolio that ensures great enthusiasm and motivation at all ages.

The mandatory paintwork in this price range is comparable to much more expensive instruments. Together with a well thought-out ceiling performance, it helps the sound to respond quickly, transparently and at an appropriate volume. All models are made of solid spruce top, the finish is optionally silk-matt or high-gloss.

All pegs are individually expertly processed by Khoudir himself, so that they are easy to tune and reverberate very well.

how should i choose my oud ?

The big question in the world !! How should I choose my oud?

Here I try to create an introduction for all music enthusiasts, based on many years of experience as a musical instrument maker, and working with many musicians and teachers enriches me further

What size?
What mood?
Which wood?
How should i hold?

Finding your Oud size is the right first step. It should be a comfortable and suitable Oud.

These dimensions serve as a guide

For musicians, the height can be up to -5cm +
At the size of the oud body L - 2cm +

The wood we use comes from the mountains and fruit trees.

All woods are distinguished by their sound quality and the beauty of natural colors

Options for accessories

Standard strings Basic, for those who use the oud less often. If you use the oud a lot and want to play a lot and want more quality sound, you can use the
Select the deluxe version with premium strings, voucher worth € 30 in the shopping cart.
Both with a very well padded bag
for the string tuning options

Strings with c´c´-C / do-Do tuning, which are most commonly used in the Middle East and North Africa
On request, suitable character strings ´f´f-F /fa.Fa also mostly used in the Middle East and North Africa when paying in the message field.
or ´d´d-D / re-Re, in Turkey and North Africa, write in the message field when paying.
The last lower strings can be a tone higher or lower
For the treble ´f / fa strings you need the right string

the strings no. abbreviation 0 1 2 3 4 5 6

c´c´-C (** c´c´-gg-dd-AA-FF-C) ***** dodo-Do (2xdo, 2xsol.2xre, 2xLa, 2xFa, 1xDo)
f´f´-F (f´f´-c´c´-gg-dd-AA-F) ***** fafa-Fa (2xfa, 2xdo, 2xsol.2xre, 2xLa, 1xF)
d´d´-D (** d´d´-aa-ee-HH-FF # -D) *** rere-Re (2xre-2xla-2xmi-2xSi-2xFa # -1xRe)


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