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Khoudir Oud

OUD Top Plus sapeli Nut

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Our Oud 4/4 Top Plus model unites beauty, playability, and craftsmanship in a stunning piece of functional art. Perfect for novices and experienced musicians alike, it is designed to be comfortable even throughout long playing sessions, and to produce a rich, full sound that excels as both a solo instrument and as part of an ensemble.

Ouds are typically strung in the Middle Eastern style ´(c´-C / do-Do) or ´f-F/fa-Fa or the Turkish style (´d-D / re -Re). the oud is strung with c'-C /do-DO strings, Please indicate your preference if it is different when ordering.


  • 11x ebony pegs

  • ebony fingerboard

  • Spruce soundboard

  • Thin, Mat lacquer finish


  • Shell nut and Mohagony L49,5 W36.5 H19cm

  • 4/4 Oud Mansur / swinging string length 600mm

  • Includes carrying bag

Serial Number :4039