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Khoudir Oud

Oud Top mahogany Nut

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ur Top Oud is a carefully crafted entry-level model designed to reward novice players with a bright, rich tone and easy playability. Maple pegs and a spruce soundboard give this model an especially vivid character, and the painstakingly thin lacquer finish lets its character shine through in a way that modern polyurethane finishes simply don’t. Ouds are typically strung in the Middle Eastern style with c´c´-C / do-Do tuning or ´(ff´-F / fa-Fa) or the Turkish style (´d -D / re-Re). the oud is strung with c'-C /do-DO strings, Please indicate your preference if it is different when ordering. Features 11x rosewood pegs Beech black stained fingerboard Spruce soundboard Thin, high-gloss lacquer finish Specifications Shell Nut / Mahogany L48 W36 H19cm (L + -1cm) 4/4 Old String length 600mm Includes carrying bag Serial Number: 3032