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khoudir Oud

Oud Exelant: Mansour (28 year old Spruce)

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Our Oud Excellent is our flagship model: a fixed-bridge oud made with carefully sourced materials and crafted with traditional techniques and finishes.

It features a generous fingerboard of select ebony, a soundboard of 28 years old spruce, and a painstaking finish of layered lacquer that adds beauty while preserving the complex tones and resonances produced by this remarkable instrument.

We can build your Oud Excellent with any number of courses. If you would like me to recreate an historical model, I am happy to adapt the Oud Excellent’s design to match your specifications. Like all our ouds, the Oud Excellent is typically strung in the Middle Eastern style ´(ff´-C / fa-Do) or the Turkish style (´f´f # -D / fa # -Re). Please indicate your preference when ordering.


  • 13x ebony pegs

  • Ebony fingerboard

  • 28 years old spruce soundboard

  • Thin, balanced lacquer finish


  • 4/4 Oud Mansur length of 600mm

  • Total length: 1.65m

  • Shell length: 49.5cm

  • Width: 36.5cm

  • Height: 19 cm (+- 1 cm)

  • Includes carrying bag and premium strings