Information on leasing musical instruments

Is that what I'm doing right? Do I stick with it? Does my child want to choose another instrument later? These or similar questions go through your head when you buy a new one.

Hire purchase is the perfect solution. The advantages are apparent. The instrument of your choice can be tried out without a high financial investment, and that for up to 6 months! If you like the instrument and want to keep it, nothing is lost, the previously paid "rent" is fully taken into account when purchasing it. After you have made your decision, you can redeem the remaining amount at the purchase price, after which you own the oud.
If you want to return the instrument, this can be done after the 3rd monthly installment at the earliest and before the 6th monthly installment has expired. When it is returned, it should be in good visual and technical condition.

The criteria for a hire purchase:

Registration in a music school, under 18 years of age, trainee / student, other things can be inquired and with good credit information (income / Schufa etc.. Under 18 from the entitled)
In principle, all instruments from our range up to € 800 can be selected. Accessories, custom-made products are excluded
a deposit 40% standard / 50% deluxe
Monthly rent € 20 - € 30
Guaranteed return after 3 months to a maximum of 6 months
If you wish to purchase, the payments made will be credited
Balance the remaining payment to 6 months.
Use of hire purchase:

we process the applications individually