Oud 3/4

Oud 3/4 Top for musicians, size 1,35m- 1,65 m (+-5cm)

  • The wood we use comes from the mountains and fruit trees.
  • All woods are to be highlighted for their sound quality and the beauty of natural colors
  • Options for the accessories
  • Standard strings Basic, for those who use the oud less often. If you want to use the oud a lot, play a lot, and want more sound quality, you can use the
  • Select deluxe version with premium strings, voucher worth 30 € in the shopping cart.
  • Both with a very well padded bag
  • for the string tuning options
  • Strings strung with c´c´-C / do-Do tuning, which are most commonly used, especially in the Middle East and North Africa
  • on request matching strings ´f´f-F /fa.Fa also in the Middle East and North Africa mostly used when paying in the message field.
  • or ´d´d-D / re-Re, in Turkey and North Africa when paying, write in the message field.
  • The last lower strings can be one tone higher or one lower
  • For the treble ´f / fa strings you need the right string
the strings no. abbreviation 0 1 2 3 4 5 6
  • c´c´-C (**c´c´-gg-dd-AA-FF-C ) ***** dodo-Do (2xdo,2xsol.2xre,2xLa,2xFa,1xDo )
  • f´f´-F (f´f´-c´c´-gg-dd-AA-F) ***** fafa-Fa (2xfa,2xdo,2xsol.2xre,2xLa,1xF)
  • d´d´-D (**d´d´-aa-ee-HH-FF#-D ) *** rere-Re ( 2xre-2xla-2xmi-2xSi-2xFa#-1xRe)
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Regular price €378,00
Regular price €378,00