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Khoudir Oud Gift Certificates

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The Oud Khoudir is one of the most famous instruments in various regions of the world. We also build other types of oud that have been forgotten. At Khoudir Oud we are specialists in the manufacturing process and sale of oud musical instruments and accessories.

Here is a brief explanation of the most important features and terms that distinguish the two: Up until the 1930s, Maghreb / North Africa only knew the Andalusian oud (Oud-Arbi / Tunsi / Raml and the Kuitra).

The differences between the proportions of the oud: The sixth (5/3) for the Oud-Arbi and the Kuitra should be on the connection between the body and the neck, while for the Oud Khoudir there should be a fifth (3/2).

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