How should I choose my Oud?

 Video 6min: The most important features of an oud. 

For more information, read below !.

how should i choose my oud ?

The big question in the world !! How should I choose my oud?

Here I try to create an introduction for all music enthusiasts, based on many years of experience as a musical instrument maker, and working with many musicians and teachers enriches me further

What size?
What mood?
Which wood?
How should i hold?

Finding your Oud size is the right first step. It should be a comfortable and suitable Oud.

These dimensions serve as a guide

For musicians, the height can be up to -5cm +

for the string tuning options (Higher-> lower)
Strings with c´c´-C / do-Do tuning, which are most commonly used in the Middle East and North Africa

On request, suitable character strings ´f´f-F /fa.Fa also mostly used in the Middle East and North Africa when paying in the message field.
or ´d´d-D / re-Re, in Turkey and North Africa, write in the message field when paying.
The last lower strings can be a tone higher or lower
For the treble ´f / fa strings you need the right string

the strings no. abbreviation 0- 1 -2 -3 -4- 5- 6 

 Options for accessories
Standard strings Basic, for those who use the oud less often. If you use the oud a lot and want to play a lot and want more quality sound, you can use the
Select the deluxe version with premium strings, 
Both with a very well padded bag


Questions? , We are pleased to advise you

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